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S:No Client Name Name of Work Project Status
1 Konkan Railway Roads & Bridges Completed
2 KPCL Road, Bridges & parapet Wall Completed
3 Project Seabird Const. of Water Storage Tank Completed
4 N. H. Division Road work Completed
5 M. I. Division M. I. Tank at Hotegali Completed
6 N. H. Division LConst. of Bridge at Honnavar Completed
7 PWD Division Construction of Bridge at Devbag Completed
8 N. H. Division Road work at Honavar Completed
9 KUIDFC Construction of Concrete Road in Karwar No.2110D & 2111RT Completed
10 Sea Bird (Naval Base) (MECON) Const. of Road Completed
11 PWD Division Road work Karwar – Ilkal, Km. 0 – 40 Completed
12 N.H. Division Road work Km. 108 -136 on NH 17 Completed
13 Project Div. (KRRDA) Road work at Ulga SH 95 Completed
14 Port Division 5000 MT. Capacity Godown at Baitkhol Completed
15 N.H. Division Road Work Km 364.00 to 370.630 on N.H.206 Completed
16 N.H. Division Road Work Km 148.00 to 165.00 & Km 202.00 to 216.00 of N.H. -17 Completed
17 N.H. Division Road Work Km 175.00 to 190.00 of N.H.-17 Completed
18 N.H. Division Road Work Km 348.00 to 370.50 of N.H. 206 Completed
19 N.H. Division Road Work Km.33.00 to 48.00 of N.H. 63 Completed
20 N.H. Division Road Work Km.356.00 to 364.00 Km of N.H.206 Completed
21 MES Sea Bird Naval Base Approach Road with associated facilities Completed
22 PWD Division Cement Concrete Road ( 04 Works) Completed
23 PWD Division Construction of Gotegali – Goyar Road Completed
24 NH- Division Karwar Sadashivgad – Goa Frontier Road Completed
25 PWD –Division, Karwar Construction of C.C. Raod on Balikodalu – Gokarna Road Completed
26 MES Naval Base Additional Security Watch Towers at Naval Base Karwar Completed
27 MEs Naval Base, KWR Provision of Augumentation of Drainage at Manzil Creek & Sankrubag Completed
28 NH - Division Heggar – Magod – Nagarbastikeri Road at Honnavar Completed
29 NPCIL Resurfacing of Roads at Kaiga Generating station & Township Completed
30 KPCL Improvements to Road from Ch.18 to 29 at Kadra – Kodsalli Road Completed
00 TUS dummy Ongoing
00 TUS dummy Ongoing


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